Best Japanese Video Games

What makes the best Japanese video games may be but an opinion, but we’re sure you can agree with what’s on our list.

Please keep in mind these games aren’t in any particular order of importance.

Best Japanese Video Games

Super Mario Brothers

This wacky game features two plumbers who need to rescue a princess in a strange world, and yet managed to become one of the most enduring video game classics, and spawn decades of spin-offs. The games in which they appear are consistently popular. Just don’t watch the TV show, it’s awful.

 Pokemon Red & Blue

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Pokemon is an obvious choice. It started out with a manga, and became a powerhouse of a video game franchise. Pokemon has mass appeal because there are so many ways to play, befitting many styles of players. Kids can collect whatever looks the coolest (we’ve all been there, be honest) but more mature players have lots of options for completing the Pokedex and competing against other players. The face-to-face Gameboy Link from this generation has been updated in the five series since, and now there’s an entire online play meta-game for players to delve into.

 Animal Crossing

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Players like the nonlinear and relaxing play style, rocketing Animal Crossing to a surprising fame. You play as the mayor of a town full of anthropomorphic citizens, and you’re free to tool around collecting items or interacting with the NPCs. It’s notable for having a clock system that reflects real life, so the time of day and season in the village are accurate compared to what’s outside the window.

 Monster Hunter


The fame of Monster Hunter proves that everyone wants to quit their day job and slay creatures. Kill a monster and then butcher it and use its parts to create weapons, which function uniquely in the game and can be used to suit different play styles. Online multiplayer is also available, so you can enlist your friends to help. The title is in its fourth generation, with its most recent incarnation an update for the 3DS’s Monster Hunter 4, that came in October 2014. One of the best Japanese video games.


Japenese Games

It seems boring now, but it has to be included for being such a legend. While it had its roots in Russia, Tetris got its real start from Japan, with the Gameboy version that came out in 1989. The original, which was put out in 1984, had green brackets representing the blocks, but it’s received a bunch of upgrades since then, and is scheduled to come out for the X-Box One and the Playstation 4 on its thirtieth anniversary

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