Batman: Arkham Knight’s E3 Info

Batman: Arkham Knight’s mind blowing trailer was revealed during Sony’s E3 presentations.  And if you guys didn’t see it, it’s all over YouTube, on various gaming site’s channels.  Go watch it.  Seriously, it’s worth it.

For those who just want to know that happened, allow me to help you out.

* SPOILER ALERT *  (for the trailer content, and the end of Arkham City, so stop reading if you don’t want to know)

BA1The trailer opens with a scene that those who haven’t completed 2011’s Batman: Arkham City might not be expecting.  The first thing that Sony chose to show that night, was the cremation of the Joker.

Okay, so here’s the short version of Arkham City.  Everyone ready?  Joker has made himself sick, by taking a formula called Titan, in too large a quantity and entirely too fast.  He’s been diagnosed as having 18 months to live, and the condition has begun to affect him physically as well as mentally, confining him to a wheelchair and making him completely dependent on Harley.  The Joker infects Batman with the disease by inserting his tainted blood via syringe, and then tasks Batman with getting the cure from Freeze, or else they both will die.

Most of the game is you trying to take care of your city, while looking for Freeze to retrieve the cure and trying not to die.  Fast forward to the end of the game…

You (i.e. Batman) arrive with the cure in hand as the Joker laughs maniacally over some massive plot that you promptly screw up, just after you drink half of the cure from the vial in your hand.  Joker is waxing poetic about how you won’t let him die just because he’s a homicidal maniac, and decides it’s a great idea to jump out of the darkness and onto your back, sinking a knife into the arm that controls the hand holding the vial of cure.  Of course, you drop it and it shatters.  Dummy.

Anyway, Joker tries to slurp it up from the floor, to no avail. You state that he was right, you’d have saved him, even with all that he’s done and probably would do if he was going to live, and Joker dies while laughing about that statement.  Should you want to watch a video representation, IGN has it posted on their YouTube channel, here.

On to Arkham Knight

So there you go, the end of the game, and the starting point for the trailer.  Batman and Gordon don’t want villains fighting over the Joker’s body (for whatever morbid reason that they might), so they make the call to cremate it.BA3

The trailer cuts to a police officer in Gotham who steps into a small diner for a cup of coffee, and is asked by a patron to talk to someone over in the corner booth because he’s smoking and it’s disturbing others.  The officer gets up, walks to the booth and puts his hand on the man’s shoulder… And is immediately sorry.

The smoking stranger in the corner is immediately known to those of us who are fans of Batman, as Scarecrow.  I’m going to be honest with you, Scarecrow wigs me out more than Joker does.

Scarecrow used to be a professor of psychology.  A deranged one.  The deranged bit didn’t go away when he became Scarecrow.  His main choice of weapon is a toxin that he created, called Fear Toxin, and it does exactly what it sounds like it does.  It grabs onto your worst fear, and brings it to life for you.  His scarecrow mask makes him all the more terrifying, especially if you happen to catch sight of BA4him while the toxin is in your system, and also keeps him from poisoning himself like a gas mask.

At the end of Arkham Asylum, Scarecrow is attacked by Killer Croc, but not confirmed dead.  He doesn’t appear at all in Arkham City, but he comes up in discussions in regards to whether he survived the attack or not.  Batman, for his part, believes that he did but hasn’t been able to find a shred of proof until Arkham Knight, when all hell breaks loose.  The trailer is the beginning of that hell for Gotham.


Scarecrow is even more terrifying looking this time around, due to the disfiguring that Croc’s attack left him with.  He’s lost most of his nose, and his lips, giving him more of a skeletal appearance that peeks from behind an even more messed up looking mask than it was before.  His official images were revealed recently, so I’m adding them to this, along with the screenshots from the trailer.  The trailer is here, via Playstation’s YouTube channel, here.

I am super excited about this game, and I’m not the only one.  Asylum was brilliant and Arkham City was amazing.  This promises not to be a disappointment.BA5BA6

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