Amazon Fire TV Game Controller

The Fire TV Game Controller and complete system from Amazon has come a long way since its first release. They’ve worked on this product a lot and it has really become a well polished device. The FireTV game controller has similar features to that of the Xbox One controller. It’s design is sleek and feels great in your hands.

Amazon is really making a large push to take over home entertainment and they’re doing a great job. Apple and Microsoft watch out!

Fire TV Game Controller

If you already have the Fire TV and just want to grab the additional controller to begin gaming it’ll cost you about $39.99. A competitive price point to the controllers of popular gaming systems such as Playstation and Xbox, and the Fire TV Game Controller is a great device.

I highly recommend also getting some rechargeable batteries¬†from amazon as well. They have their on brand of rechargeable batteries which are great. I have a lot of them myself and they’re really a must have in today’s world anyhow.

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Fire TV Gamers Bundle

If you don’t already have Fire TV then you’ll do best by going with the bundle. Especially if you’re a gamer like us! The bundle includes the Fire TV game controller, box, remote, and HDMI cable.

It’s a great bundle and honestly I wish I would have started off with this instead of the Google Chromecast, but the cast still serves its purpose I suppose. The Amazon Fire TV Games, plays android based games. There’s many to choose from, but if you’ve already purchased android games on your other devices they unfortunately won’t transfer. I know this is a minor downside, but it’s just how Amazon has worked it out with Android.

There gameplay experience of the fire tv game controller is pretty good. It’s up to standard of today’s gaming by comparison to consoles. However, this isn’t going to be a replacement for your console it’s going to be a nice addition to your gaming center. So keep that in mind.


I really think this is an amazing product in the end. It has just about everything you’ll want in a internet slash tv streaming device plus gaming. It’s a major competitor to the Google Chromecast and is a much better option if you’re picking between the two. Chromecast is only better if you’re wanting to display your computer monitor on the TV easily. For streaming Netflix, Hulu, or anything like that the Fire TV wins out!

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