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Computer Monitoring Software Reviews

Computer Monitoring Software Reviews

Are you looking for some computer monitoring software? There’s many options available online, but you want to be careful on what you download. Especially due to malicious content that a lot of the “free downloads” in this category often have. In order to get what you’re looking for you will

Medieval Games

Medieval Games

Who doesn’t like swords, shields, and casting magical spells! Oh yea.. don’t forget about the blood and gore too! This is often what attracts most of us to this era of gaming. Medieval Games tend to have a great mix of hack and slash with great spell casting and other

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WoW Leveling Guide

The Best & Most Updated WoW Leveling Guide

There’s millions for World of Warcraft players that want to level up quick so they can get to the epic game play of end game content. There’s one guide system available out there that gives you more than any of the others. You’ll get a leveling & loremaster guide, professions

Minecraft Modpack

Popular Minecraft Modpacks

The best thing about minecraft is the community built around it. Without this community the game couldn’t be as great as it’s grown today. What truly makes minecraft unique to me are mods. Mods allow you to add new things to the game which were never there before. This could

Google Chromecast

Chromecast: Make your ‘dumb’ TV smart

  For the past several years, so called “Smart TVs” have been becoming increasingly popular. The combine basic TV functions with Internet-capability, letting users view content from the web without an external device (e.g., a video games console, a laptop, etc). Many users enjoy having Netflix or Amazon Instant Video

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Gaming Computer Desk

The Best Gaming Computer Desk

Finding the best gaming computer desk isn’t always the easiest thing to do. There’s many different options and each cater to different needs and desires for gamers. We’re going to cover several types of desks that you’ll really like and be able to choose from to help you make the

80s Electronics

80s Electronics

The 80’s are known for many things but the one I’m going to talk about are 80s electronics. Now do keep in mind I didn’t live through the 80’s as I was born in 1989 but, here’s some of the electronics I’ve come across and find interesting. These technologically primitive

Blade of the Ruined King

League of Legends: BOTRK No CD Hack

With all of the new content coming out with League of Legends Pre-Season 5 something has opened a vulnerability to the blade of the ruined king. People are able to spam the use of the item and it doesn’t go on cooldown. This information was leaked earlier today and its

Top 10 Scariest Games of All Time

Top 10 Scariest Games of All Time

Almost everyone loves a good scary movie from time to time. A good scary movie will make the hairs on your arm raise up and give you goosebumps.For some reason people just love to get scared! However, does the same scenario work for video games? I think it does! We’ve

Minecraft for Wii U is U-Craft

Minecraft for Wii U

We have Minecraft for just about any modern platform that we want to play it on today. We can play on our phones, tablets, computers, and most consoles except Minecraft for Wii U. This was disheartening to a lot of the Minecraft fans that really love the Nintendo series. Personally



OhGaming began in April of 2013 with the goal of providing great Minecraft servers to its players.

Since then it has grown to become one of the largest modded Minecraft communities around.

The main focus of OhGaming now is to continue to provide a great gaming experience for players of multiple games and provide quality content that our readers will enjoy


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