Connecting to Our Minecraft Servers is Simple

Step 1

You'll need a computer version of Minecraft in order to join any online server. Grab a copy here if you don't have one.

digital minecraft key

Step 2

Now you'll need to download the launcher we use to host our modded Minecraft servers. Click here to open the Technic Launcher website and scroll down to download it.

Step 3

Click here to see a list of available modpacks we offer. Pick one pack from the list to visit that modpacks page. From there you'll see a button on the very top right called "install this modpack". Click it and follow the instructions to join our server.


Join the Chat on Discord!​​​​​

Discord is our main form of communication with one another and you can seek help if you're having trouble joining the servers.

We make our announcements, release patch notes, and send important Admin communication through discord to stay connected with our community.

Players can use it to chat with each other through voice or text. There's several channels that host different topics from general chat, player ran events, guild recruiting, trading, server suggestions, and don't forget the meme lords!

Discord is 100% free to use! You can use it through your web browser but we recommend downloading the client for best results.

Minecraft Ninja
Minecraft Archer

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