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Best Free Multiplayer Games

Some of the Best Free Multiplayer Games

We all love games, even if we don’t identify as a gamer. However gamers have an edge when it comes to the world of interactive games. They can focus for hours, beat games faster then the average person and gain the best scores. The hardcore gamers even wait in lines

Best Tablet Under $150

The Best Tablet Under $150

You’re looking for the best tablet under $150 and we’re here to serve your needs. We’ve done the research and have found several great tablets for you to choose from. I hope you’re ready to buy now because after going through our selection you’re right where you need to be

Minecraft Texture Packs

The Best Minecraft Texture Packs

Let’s find the best Minecraft texture packs and put them all in one place! That’s exactly what I’m doing here for you guys. If you’re looking for textures that will make your Minecraft experience amazing, we’ve found them for you. Our selection is based on a couple different metrics. Including

Shroud of the Avatar

Shroud of the Avatar – Ultima Online 2015?

If you’ve ever played Ultima Online then you’re sure to love this upcoming game. It’s essentially Ultima Online 2015! Shroud of the Avatar will be a good to keep your eyes on for sure. It’s available through steam, but does have a high early access price tag of $45. What

Best Projector Under 300

Best Projector Under 300

You’re here because you’re looking for a great projector at an even better price. We’ve been there ourselves and after some research have picked 5 projectors that fit the title “best projector under 300″. The worrying, testing, and guessing have been taken out of this equation for you and here’s

Awesome Empire Games

Best Empire Building Games

There is something to be said about creating ones own empire. We have all thought about it and those of us who enjoy these strategy games actually get to do it. Well you know in an awesome gaming sense. For those gamers who wants a simple list of some of

Great RPG Games

Some of The Best RPG Games for PC

Here’s some of the best RPG games for PC that I think you’ll really enjoy. These titles are directly off the steam platform and have positive reviews from the players. Keep in mind while looking at these games that these are the ones we found interested and to be the best

Best Gaming Laptop Under 1500

Best Gaming Laptop Under 1500

Finding the best gaming laptop under 1500 is often a challenge. There’s many factors to consider and you want something that can handle everything you need and at the same time stay within your price range. Here’s our top 5 gaming laptops for you to choose from. What Makes a

Best 3rd Person Shooter

Best 3rd Person Shooters – If you haven’t given any of these a try you should!

What is the best part about video games? The graphics? story lines? action? Well the answer to that question depends on the player. Is seems there is a trend that includes all three aspects all tied up in a first person point of view. There are a lot of first

Best TV Under 1000

Best TV Under 1000

Finding the best TV under 1000 on the market today can often be a challenge for many. We’ll help you get the most bang for your buck and find the best TV for you. Let’s get right into it and see what’s going to be best for you. What two



OhGaming began in April of 2013 with the goal of providing great Minecraft servers to its players.

Since then it has grown to become one of the largest modded Minecraft communities around.

The main focus of OhGaming now is to continue to provide a great gaming experience for players of multiple games and provide quality content that our readers will enjoy

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