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Welcome to our website! I'm excited you're here. I want to invite you to join our Modded Minecraft servers on the PC. We have a lot of fun unique experiences for you to try. To get started use the "Join Our Minecraft Servers" link at the top of the page. I can't wait to see you in game!

A Minecraft Experience You Can't Miss!

Modded Minecraft

​Everyone has played mini-games and there's only so much you can do in Vanilla. We offer many servers which are unique and individual. Go to space in one modpack or go to war in planes & tanks in another! There's so much for you to do here and the hard part will be choosing where to play first.

Top Tier Minecraft Content

We pride ourselves on being a top leader in the modded Minecraft world. Our modded experience is unlike any other and thousands of players agree.​ Now we just need you to join our amazing community. It's players that make the community great and you'll most likely make a great player!

​Always Improving

We're always working on improvements to make our Minecraft servers better. We don't believe that you can reach the "top" when it comes to a fun gameplay experience. There is always something more you can do to help players have a better time.

Minecraft Ninja
Minecraft Archer

What Makes Us Tick?

Technic Launcher

The Technic Launcher provides us with a means of distributing our custom modpacks. The launcher is a great tool and very crucial for our community.​

Buycraft Donation Plugin

The​ Buycraft donation plugin allows us to create a store front and accept donation and in return reward our players for supporting this great community.

Discord Chat Software

Discord is a must have for our gaming community. It allows us to create voice & text chat channels for our players and gives us a quick way to communicate with them.​

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